About Maple Ridge Fabrication...

Tel: 740.490.5843  Columbus, Ohio

Maple Ridge  Fabrication

Maple Ridge Welding specializes in structural, HSS, and plate fabrication, as well as misc steel fabrication for construction contractors and many other clients.

Maple Ridge Welding has developed a relationship with an extensive network of local suppliers, and always purchases materials locally. We only buy steel, equipment, and consumables made in the USA. We believe in helping other locally owned businesses, by always purchasing locally, we are doing our part to save on transportation costs, and fuel consumption.

Maintaining an excellent working relationship with our suppliers and our customers has allowed Maple Ridge Welding to grow quickly year after year. While still maintaining the prices, quality of work, and grade A materials our customers deserve, and expect.

Today, we are working to become the most customer focused welding and steel fabrication companies in Ohio.

Always using local suppliers, and always buying American produced steel and equipment.