Dumpster Gates 8x9 ft- Dayton Restaurant
Landfill ground vent-6" sched 40
Ground vent install- 15' long 6" sched 40
Curb guards- City of Columbus
deco brackets- Restaurant

Maple Ridge  Fabrication

We eliminate your problem of trying to find a welder/fabricator in every city you start a project in.

Maple Ridge Fabrication provides affordable, quality welding and steel fabrication services for  commercial construction contractors all over the U.S.  We can handle anything from small local jobs, to commercial construction  needs for misc. steel products. We will ship direct to your project site anywhere in the U.S.
Whether you need 1 piece, 100 pieces, or a miscellaneous steel package for a construction project, we are here to get it done for you. We have the equipment and experience to fabricate any type of bracket, support, decorative item, stairs, railings, beam connections, etc.

Tel: 740.490.5843  Columbus, Ohio